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Botulinum toxin treatment of pelvic floor disorders and genital pain in women

Bertolasi L. Frasson E. Graziottin A.
Botulinum toxin treatment of pelvic floor disorders and genital pain in women
Current Women’s Health Reviews, 2008, 4, 185-192

Botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) - already used since the 1980s for strabismus, dystonia and spasticity - has over the past 10 years enjoyed increasing use also for pelvic floor disorders and genital pain. Notwithstanding the relatively few publications available to date the current medical literature suggests that BoNT-A effectively improves chronic pain syndromes, vaginismus, and vulvodynia/VVS.
The encouraging preliminary results suggest that BoNT-A is an efficient tool for treating pelvic floor disorders as the only therapy or in a multidisciplinary treatment approach. BoNT-A therapy merits more widespread use in women with pelvic floor disorders and genital pain because it improves symptoms, enhances quality of life and probably reduces social costs BoNT-A.

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