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Role of mastcells in chronic inflammation, depression and pain

Graziottin A.
Role of mastcells in chronic inflammation, depression and pain
Full text of the plenary lecture presented at the V Annual International Congress on Human Reproduction on "Family Reproductive Health", Moscow, Russia, January 18-21, 2011

MCs are the real conductor of the inflammatory process. In CPP, MCs are the maintaining contributor of chronic inflammation, leading to the shift between nociceptive and neuropathic pain.
The significant increase of inflammatory molecules flooding the brain during different illnesses associated with pain may contribute to the associated depressive state through a biological pathway (re-enforcing the psychological depressive status usually associated with organic diseases).
New therapeutic strategies should consider reduction of agonists and/or using drugs (“antagonists”) that can down-regulated the release of pro-inflammatory, angiogenic and neurotrophic factors from the mastcells.


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Female Dyspareunia - Neuropathic Pain - Nociceptive Pain - Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) - Vasoactive Factors - Inflammation - Mastcells - Vulvar Vestibulitis / Provoked Vestibulodynia


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