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Therapeutic options for postmenopausal female sexual dysfunction

Al-Azzawi F. Bitzer J. Brandenburg U. Castelo-Branco C. Graziottin A. Kenemans P. Lachowsky M. Mimoun S. Nappi R. Palacios S. Schwenkhagen A. Studd J. Wylie K. Zahradnik H-P. (FSD Education Team)
Therapeutic options for postmenopausal female sexual dysfunction
Climacteric. 2010 Apr; 13 (2): 103-20

Menopause and the process of transition to menopause represent significant risk factors for the appearance or accentuation of sex-related problems. Sexual dysfunctions can affect one or more stages of human sexual response, including desire, excitement and orgasm. It is increasingly important to address sexual issues in clinical practice.
Confidence in dealing with sexual issues increases with practice, and assessment and counselling can be learned. Female sexual disorders are receiving more attention thanks to the development of effective treatments for male erectile dysfunction. The therapeutic approach to female problems, however, is not and cannot be the same as for men; their management is different and more knowledge of the subject is required.

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