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Vulvodynia: a state-of-the-art consensus on definitions, diagnosis and management

Bachmann G. Rosen R. Pinn V. Utian W. Ayers C. Basson R. Binik Y. Brown C. Foster D. Gibbons J. Goldstein I. Graziottin A. Haefner H. Harlow B. Kellogg Spadt S. Leiblum S. Masheb R. Reed B. Sobel J. Veasley C. Wesselmann U. Witkin S.
Vulvodynia: a state-of-the-art consensus on definitions, diagnosis and management
J Reprod Med. 2006 Jun; 51(6): 447-456

Vulvodynia is a prevalent and highly distressing disorder, with major consequences for interpersonal and psychologic well-being. The meeting on which this article is based was held in October 2004 in association with the Third Annual Meeting of the International Society of Women's Sexual Health. The areas that were addressed included the definition of vulvodynia, comorbid conditions, disease progression, diagnosis and workup of the patient, clinical management and reasearch needs.

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